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Helmi learning year begins

New students started their adaptation to Helmi educational methods on Monday:

anu_tilaAnu shows here the minimum of obligatory studies for the starts.We all know that the maximum is the amount you can hold in your arms at a time. Then of course there is the universe of information, knowledge and legends. These are all we need when learning tourism. But the unit one can adopt at a time is as been described above.

avaus1Some people learn by listening and writing things down.

Did you know this good method of taking notes: allow yourself both of the empty pages of your notebook, write the ”important” issues on either one of the pages and scribble and bibble what ever comes to your mind on the other page.  Then check your notes a few days later: and you will have a perfect recollection! Because you have used both sides of your hardware, the left and the right side of your brain.

avaus2In the beginning of the studies on Monday it was all serious. Who are all these people? So many different cultural backgrounds. Everybody knows much more than me. Better stay quiet today.

avaus4But then we started to learn:  She is quite interesting! thinks Silvia. She is quite interesting! thinks Leena. And they don´t think of themselves anymore.


Maarit is discussing with Leydy and Diane about the Finnish language and Anna is observing.

avaus6Lucas listens to Kirsi, Sari and Rose-Mari and he knows that will learn a lot during the coming guide course. Learning becomes real life.

chiaChia shows her name tag for the Moodle. There is a great drama girl hiding inside her,we learned that when she was playing the waitress the next evening.

jpJ-P is already a travel professional but he is expecting to learn a lot at school,too.

pelottavat_anu ja maaritAnu and Maarit are teachers and lecturers but they keep learning a lot every day. I have to remember to ask what Maarit just learned at the time when I shot the picture.  It looks interesting.

pelottava virpiHere is beautiful Virpi, who will lecture of many important topics during the coming winter for us to learn.

opisk1Alltogether 65 students started Helmi adult tourism studies.

At the Theatre Museum on Wednesday

There are so many methods of teaching but probably only one way of learning: You only learn what you get interested in.

museo opasThere are equally as many ways of guiding the visiting groups. The excellent guides in the Theatre museum knew how to brake the ice.museossa 3The visitors need the story and the tools.  The visitors themselves decide if this is an interesting target  or not.

naamiotThe best method to learn tourism is to train with your colleagues. The tourism production is using the traditions that are building the bridges between the cultures. The play (it means both playing as children and playing in the theatre) The traditions and myths tell about everything. They date back from  thousands of years ago. In the museum there were theatre masks from all big cultures of the earth. Here above the western tradition from the Antiquity, ancient Greece. museo lasikariWe were introduced first our own methods of playing different masks. Rose-Mari plays scary  monster. Very good!

museo silviaSilvia is playing angry demon. Very convincing.

roberto sininenAnd here comes Roberto the Lonely Rider, playing the Man who finds his own paths.

barbro gootti

Tourism utilises also gothic horror. For your information Dr Emma McEvoy ,University  of Westminster, UK is lecturing in Tampere University on 18th September ”The Devil at Berry Pomeroy: Literature,  Tourism and Folklore” at 12-14, classroom Pinni B3107. More of the subject:  http://www.uta.fi/ltl/plural/ilmoitus.html?id=98354. It is not a joke. A pity that the mystery of Jack the Ripper is now solved by the Finnish Jari Louhelainen.

keisari1But who is he?

keisari2This man has a message to us from the past.

kuningasThe new King of the Road.

koiraThis creature is really a nice dog, who likes to perform on stage in a varieté. Maybe in Paris.

rooli heatherHeather is lost in a Finnish forest.

rooli ana carolinaAna Carolina is a beauty playing a delicious pastry. rooliasujaHer colleagues help her to dress and here she has found the Lonely Rider:

rooli roberto anaThe Lonely Rider has a pink hair matching the silver in his beard.

rooli boBo is dressed in a strawberry inspired night gown where she experiences nightmares of the worst possible tourists.

rooli katjaKatja plays a lady on a vacation with a secret rendevouz.

rooli silviaSilvia is playing an Italian lover Mario who  knows a lot of visiting ladies. The ladies learn a lot from Mario.

rooli walidWalid plays an Egyptian gentleman descending from the pharaos.

rooli LiisiLiisi plays the mysterious lady from Tallinn.


”Hello, –  you heard people laughing?  Yes we are all learning here in the Theatre Museum and we are having a good time. Who is this please?”


”Its me. Willy. I am sure  you will have great studies ahead!”