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gustavoGustavo Helal ottaa vastaan vuosittain tuhansia risteilymatkustajia Helsingin satamissa. Hän edustaa Tumlarea:

”Tumlare is a leading European Destination Management Company with a reputation of providing the highest quality of products and services. Our global network, incorporating over 30 offices in four Continents, is combined together with an extensive local knowledge and personal touch. Established in Copenhagen, Tumlare has been providing an outstanding experience and complete satisfaction to all global travellers for over 39 years. Being a leading DMC we have acquired some of the best professionals in the industry who are involved in our main business areas. Tourist Groups, Individual Travellers, Meetings, Incentives and Sport Events, Special Interest Tourist Groups, Technical Visits, Cultural and Thematic Travel and Cruise Destination Management. ” Lähde/ Source: http://www.tumlare.com/noudettu 29.4.2014.

Tässä videossa Gustavo kertoo Travel assistantin ja oppaan työstä; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ycLGyu6cgU

Tumlare seasons:

Oppaiden tarpeesta:

Shopping and programmes in the destination

The operation of the cruising ship





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