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November blues in Helsinki

We had an interesting round in Helsinki on a grey but beautiful Wednesday morning last week.

We learned how to put the visitor on a map:

Here we stand at the beginning of the longest rail road in the world, the starting point of the Trans Siberian route that ends at the coastal town of in Vladivostok by the Pacific Ocean .

You can put on your skies and make a cross country trip to the north  for 1310 kilometres to Nuorgam in the Utsjoki municipality in Lapland.

300 kilometres to the east there is St Petersburg and 400 kilometres to the west there is Stockholm in Sweden.  Estonia lies only 90 kilometres to the south over the Gulf of Finland.

Culturally, politically and geographically we are situated between the east and the west.

The Helsinki Central Railway Station was designed by Eliel Saarinen in a monumental national romantic style and it was opened or the public in 1919.

The Restaurant and the waiting lounges were then the divided into three different parts since there were three different classes on the trains, too. You can repeat the history of the nowadays Eliel-restaurant on your next stop at the railwaystation.


We continued to Kamppi Chapel and listened to the silence.

Kamppi Chapel has been very popular place of visit after it was opened in June this year.

Then Anna took the group from Narinkkatori to the Natural History Museum.

We learned how to behave if the bear happens to attack you.

And we learned that there are 85000 elks or moose in the forests of Finland and the number of elks to be hunted is 50000 during this on going season.

The Marshal of Finland, General Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim was introduced by Sara.  Mannerheim is our National Hero, he was the commander of the Finnish army in three wars and a short period he also was the Presidentof the Republic. Originally Mannerheim was trained as a soldier in the Russian Imperial Army and he became a general in the life guard of the Emperor Nicholas II.

The National Museum stands by the Mannerheimintie street. Ellinora guided us around the building and told us about the history of the Finns. The collections in the museum include objects that date back more than 10000 years.

Finlandia Hall is situated opposite the National Museum. Niina was our guide and we learned of Alvar Aalto, the most famous Finnish modern architect. Finlandia Hall was a venue of an important conference in 1975. Then all the leaders of the world came to Helsinki and they were negotiating the first time at the same table after the Second World War. The host of this conference was President of Finland Urho Kekkonen.

Our tour ended at the Töölönlahti Bay as Sanna told us many important things of the history and today of the life of the people in Helsinki. We also observed som little people running around the park with their nurses.

I am happy to continue our guiding tours in Helsinki this week on Wedneday Morning th 21st of November at 08.15 at the main entrance of the National Opera, on the side of Mannerheimintie. See you then.