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Welcome to our class of guiding!

Today we shall have a look at the Helsinki City Centre. Here is a picture of Alexander the 1st, the emperor of Russia. He declared Helsinki to be the new capital of Finland in 1812, two hundered years ago. The statue is situated by the southern wall of the National Library on the Senate Square.

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Instructions to create your own blog

Dear you, here are the instructions to create our own blog.

Log in the web page (Kirjaudu sivustolle)  http://fi.wordpress.com/

You will see the page: (Esiin tulee näkymä:)

Get your own WordPress.com account in seconds

Fill in the information as required below (Täytä pyydetyt tiedot:)

Blog Address:  Create your own address that defines your blog in the Internet. (Keksi osoite, jolla blogisi löytyy verkosta)

User Name: Käyttäjänimesi

Password: Salasana

e-mail address: Sähköpostiosoitteesi, please use your school email address

What language will you be blogging in?:  English

Thinking about upgrading? :  leave this blank (jätä tämä kohta täyttämättä)

CREATE BLOG –  Press this button and there you are in the blog wonderland. (Paina näppäintä ja olet blogimaailmassa)

Youcan choose the design you prefer for your blog. When it is ready, you can start adding text and pictures.

Take your time in practising, because all can be altered and reformed or deleted.

Pls send me mail if you have any questions: ulla-maija.rouhiainen@kolumbus.fi